Sunday, December 27, 2009

and so it begins....

Here it goes. I am finally going to follow the dream. I am opening an art studio for small children in my home in Greenwich, CT. I have always felt that you should let the child feel their own way through the materials with out giving too much instruction or direction. Let them enjoy the experience rather than focus on the end product. Make it theirs! 

So here is a small snapshot of the studio before we do some remodeling to prepare

and here is partly the inspiration for the name of the studio "Little Birdies"...

Everytime I would paint or draw this summer in the studio with Brooke I would think of and draw/paint little birdies or get sewn birdies, or cut out get the picture.

Stay tuned...I will be posting dates for trial classes soon for late January on Fridays and Saturdays

Web site
Remodel studio for little people
Supplies/class plans
Sign up! and begin

email me if you want to be considered for the trial classes.

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