Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your kids and the importance of ART

Don't forget ART!!

Getting an early start in the arts can make a real difference in the lives of children. The arts impact the developmental growth of every child. When children express themselves through the arts, they benefit in many ways. Research shows that the benefits of early arts education extend way beyond providing an important creative outlet for children. Young children build fine motor, language and cognitive skills. Elementary age students strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which helps to increase overall academic achievement and school success. When children use their imaginations, they enjoy a sense of accomplishment, as well as build confidence in themselves.

Art education also helps children develop a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance, and goal-setting, which are valuable skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond. The arts help children to develop more appreciation and tolerance for other people’s unique point of view. A quality art program also introduces children to world cultures through art forms and activities unique to different regions and countries. From broadening perspective to expressing thoughts, feelings and perceptions, the visual arts are a smart choice for children. Art is one activity that offers children a release from the increasing pressures of academics, sports and many other competitively-focused enrichment activities. A balm for the soul, art also helps kids learn how to see the big picture, which is an important life skill.
Courtesy of Art for Creativity ~ http://www.abrakadoodle.com/blog/?cat=16

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Design Idea: Simplify

I need to simplify

Today I looked around my house and noticed what a busy mess it has become lately. This is all about priorities. My working hours are piling up lately (for good reasons mind you...many exciting things happening here). But instead of cleaning and organizing my business and house I CHOOSE to spend my free time with family. I know you second this right? 

And when I saw this little bedroom cabinet on Carrie Can & You Are My Fave I couldn't resist to post. THINK OF IT...water, flowers, a journal....sans alarm clock! ALRIGHT!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom crush: Make & Mingle

I hightailed it up to Fairfield to meet one of the dynamic ladies that owns the store Make & Mingle. If you live in the area (or even if you don't) you have to see their cool space and take a class in their open and airy studio. I sat down in their white leather couch to chat about how we can collaborate and just didn't want to leave! Poor Karen!
The store is focused around offering amazing fabrics to buy as well as thinking up cool classes to offer for tweens, adults, and kids focused on sewing and creating!

And if you love to craft or sew just go on down. I think we will be doing some very fun things with these crafty ladies.

& p.s. I signed up for the "make your own Tunic" class in May. Sew fun!

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  • Daisy Dough coming soon

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    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Quote of the week

    What gift do you have? Think about it. And do try and appreciate any and every one of them.

    I can't remember how I found this quote. But still...it makes me think...and appreciate.

    Friday, April 9, 2010


    Brooke woke up this morning and the first words from her tiny two year old mouth were, "Mommy, I want my brother"...

    So here's for her big brother...I thought this was perfect for the birthday month eh Andrew?

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    CRAFT: Bubble Wrap Printing

    Don't you just love bubble wrap?

    I do. And when I saw this craft idea I could not resist trying it out in our classes. We did some color mixing experiments with the kids so they can start to comprehend how the colors blend! Red + Blue = Purple! Awesome! 

    You can do this with even the youngest toddler. We did it with our 15 month - 2 year old class. They got it. So go for it....

    Set out large brushes or rollers with brightly colored paint.
    Tape bubble wrap to your table cover. Newspaper or a reusable, coated tablecloth work well.
    Paint on the bubble wrap until you feel happy.

    Press a sheet of paper on top of the paint and rub lightly. Peel off the paper to reveal your print.
    { yeah to Clementine Art for having such awesome ideas...and hey! She is another amazingly creative and savvy gal! these are her pics/idea }

    Little Birdie Art, Greenwich CT ~ a children's studio (203-869-0925 OR LittleBirdieArt.com)

    In Art,

    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    Enjoy your Easter

    My friends, what are you doing this weekend? I hope you'll be with family and loved ones. The sun has finally arrived here in Connecticut and I'd like to go for a walk at the beach, carry out our Easter Egg hunt family tradition, and enjoy every minute with my family (and maybe some yummy Easter candy too)!

    Cheers to you for a relaxing weekend.

    And here is an easy Easter Egg craft to try: 

    { marble eggs are easy to make! photo www.marthastewart.com } 

    Buy the cheap grocery store egg dyeing kit with the cups and dye

    1. Mix all the cups of dye
    2. Dye all of the eggs one color
    3. THEN! Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to all of the color cups
    4. Then go back in and dye those same eggs in a different colors
    VOILA - Marble eggs