Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ice Pops in just minutes!

Quick Pops

Brooke's best friend Annie is turning 3 this week. And I have my eye on this ice pop maker as the perfect birthday present!
 After you've made your own fresh ice pop mix you can have the healthy snack handy in just minutes, rather than hours. For anyone with little kids, you know this is the ultimate treat since it gives "instant gratification" in a good way...
suzysaid 5090

If the price tag gets your blood boiling, try the inexpensive versions at TARGET or Sillycone to make number or letter versions! You just have the wait a few hours for the mix to freeze!

Either way....ENJOY


  1. love these - wow what a great summer treat. LOVING IT!!!!

  2. I just saw this comment now. Sorry! And summer is over now. Wah!
    Thanks for stopping by.