Friday, October 1, 2010

Craft: Rainbow Rice

Make your own rainbow 

My daughter and I saw a beautiful rainbow the other day after a rainstorm. But my camera was not working { user error, so typical}. 

So this will have to do...
Homemade Rainbow Rice
- 10 pound bag of rice 
- water
- ziplock bags
- watercolor paint {We like this liquid kind}

Take your 10 pound bag of rice and separate it into 10 ziplock bags evenly. In each bag put different paint colors as desired (we did a rainbow). Put in some watercolor paint. 
Shake the bag until the color is absorbed onto the rice (we loved this part!).
Let the rice dry overnight. And VOILA!

I love your comments! Please share your ideas!


  1. Hi Nicole! I'm only two posts in, and I already have two great ideas for craft time with my girls ( 5 + 3 ) It's so nice to meet you and find your blog! xo

  2. From BYW--I'm just getting around to your site and love it! My daughter is 10 and wants to be an artist when she grows up. We'll have to check out you ideas. I really love this rainbow rice!