Thursday, April 8, 2010

CRAFT: Bubble Wrap Printing

Don't you just love bubble wrap?

I do. And when I saw this craft idea I could not resist trying it out in our classes. We did some color mixing experiments with the kids so they can start to comprehend how the colors blend! Red + Blue = Purple! Awesome! 

You can do this with even the youngest toddler. We did it with our 15 month - 2 year old class. They got it. So go for it....

Set out large brushes or rollers with brightly colored paint.
Tape bubble wrap to your table cover. Newspaper or a reusable, coated tablecloth work well.
Paint on the bubble wrap until you feel happy.

Press a sheet of paper on top of the paint and rub lightly. Peel off the paper to reveal your print.
{ yeah to Clementine Art for having such awesome ideas...and hey! She is another amazingly creative and savvy gal! these are her pics/idea }

Little Birdie Art, Greenwich CT ~ a children's studio (203-869-0925 OR

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